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Gain insights into AI tools, their use by students, and how teaching methods can adapt in this AI era.

Objective 1

Ignite awareness about AI tools in education, stimulating important conversations about their usage.

Objective 2

Assist teachers in transforming their teaching methods, taking into account the existence of AI tools.

Objective 3

Uncover alternative methods for evaluating students' understanding in areas where AI tools may not be as effective, ensuring that students are genuinely grasping the concepts being taught.

Objective 4

Address the educational shift towards arming students with problem-solving skills through the use of AI tools, setting them up for success in the future.


Presenter Information

William Grube

Currently pursuing an accelerated master's degree in computer science at North Dakota State University, William is well-versed in cutting-edge AI tools and technologies. His understanding of AI enables him to remain abreast of and adapt to its latest developments.

William has enriched his expertise through numerous speaking engagements at schools, delivering comprehensive AI training to educators, and aiding schools with cybersecurity. This experience has given him an in-depth understanding of the technological needs and capabilities of educational institutions nationwide, equipping him with the skills to offer significant assistance.

Driven by a strong desire to contribute meaningfully to the field of education and artificial intelligence, William is applying his knowledge and skills to make a notable impact on the future of AI in education.


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