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Although many think of computer science as programming, the heart of computer science is developing effective and efficient algorithms to solve real world problems even before they are programmed on a computer. In this fun, hands-on (face-to-face) Saturday outdoor session, we will explore rich computer science problems and how they can be adapted to K-12 students. One example will be graph coloring, also known as the 4 color map theorem. The question is how many colors are needed to color in any arbitrary map (using the minimal amount of colors) such that no 2 adjacent "countries" that share a border are the same color. Participants will experience and receive a lesson plan developed by John Heffernan, an K-12 educator and former software engineer that he developed for his K-12 students. Other examples will also be provided.
Groff Park, Amherst
Groff Park Pavilion
72 Mill Lane
Amherst, MA 01002
United States of America


John Heffernan