Educators from across the state and their families came together at Patriot Place on September 30th to dive into hands-on STEM lessons and explore state-wide STEM organizations, including CSTA.
The Western Mass team joined with CSforMA to set up a STEM Table that offered a variety of hands-on activities:
  • Binary bracelet: how does a computer take something that we know and translate it into a series of ons and offs?
  • Make-a-sketch: use a Makey Makey to doodle and draw on your computer screen!
  • Guide Edison: can you help the Edison robot navigate by clapping? By highlighting the way with a flashlight?
  • More coding fun, with Dash and Sphero.
In addition to the STEM fun, kids and teachers were able to explore the Patriots Hall of Fame and tour the field at Gillette Stadium. The fair was a great chance to reach out to teachers from all content areas and grade levels to share strategies and tools for  teaching computer science.